Coir Pith


  • We Rajahrani Impex Private Limited has a reputation all around the globe for supplying 100% natural and organic coco peat blocks
  • Coco peat is a natural, and renewable resource produced from coconut husks. Potting soil manufactures add value to potting mixtures by adding a percentage of good quality coco peat. 
  • Coco Peat is an organic bare growing media. The growing medium is made out of coconut husk. The husk collected during fiber separation is cleaned, washed and compressed to make the media.
  • Coco peat ensures a sufficient amount of water for the plant without compromising on the drainage capacity. 

How Coir dust becomes a high-quality growing media?

  • Rajahrani Impex Private Limited undergo six stages of production process and we achieve High Quality Coir Peat for growing medium.
  • Coir Dust is washed dried based on the required Ec and compressed into 5 kg blocks for your convenience. Coco peat has unique ability to withstand high compaction force without leaving its benefit structure.


  • Less Water Consumption Great Water Retention
  • Moss Peat Free
  • Reusable over years
  • Incredible caution exchange protective Anti – Fungal Properties
  • Eco – Friendly
  • Bio – degradable packaging options
  • Perfect Air and Water Ratio
  • Maintainable pH and EC Level
  • Strong and natural rooting hormones
  • The Highest quality growth

Our coir peat is used as an alternative to peat moss. If mainly applying for large - scale nurseries, Horticulture, Commercial Growers of Flowers and Fruits.

5 Kgs Coir peat Blocks and Bales produce an internationally standard of customer satisfaction. We are also applying of techniques and checking professional quality control procedure.